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Re: garbage input crashes zsh

Danek Duvall wrote:
> This is with 4.2.5 on both Solaris and Linux (and I've reproduced with
> 4.3.2 on Linux).  Someone at Sun filed this bug; I don't know how much
> y'all care.

Thanks, this is always useful to know.

>     zsh -f < test_8
> where test_8 is the attached file.  I've got a couple more such files, all
> of which leave a core file with the same stack trace, FWIW.

It seems to be OK with the latest version (lots of errors, of course,
but no damage), but I can get the crash with the tip of the 4.2 branch.
It seems to be doing something wayward in (what looks to it like) a
complicated pattern match.  If I get a chance I'll try to work out what
fixed it, but it could be complicated since the pattern code has changed
quite a lot owing to adding multibyte support.  It's quite possibly a
simple error to do with metafication; a number of those turned up along
the way.

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