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Re: garbage input crashes zsh

Peter Stephenson wrote:

> It seems to be OK with the latest version (lots of errors, of course,
> but no damage), but I can get the crash with the tip of the 4.2 branch.
> It seems to be doing something wayward in (what looks to it like) a
> complicated pattern match.  If I get a chance I'll try to work out what
> fixed it, but it could be complicated since the pattern code has changed
> quite a lot owing to adding multibyte support.  It's quite possibly a
> simple error to do with metafication; a number of those turned up along
> the way.

Okay.  If it's fixed in the tip of 4.3, that's probably good enough (I
didn't realize 4.3.2 was that out of date), so if you can't track it down
easily, don't lose any sleep over it.

Most of the non-Sun software in Solaris gets bugfixed by upgrade, and
that's probably sufficient for this case (though I'm still hesitant to
upgrade to 4.3 given all the multibyte change that -- IIRC -- isn't
complete yet, even if any portion of the shell which was converted is


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