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Re: Quoting problem and crashes with ${(#)var}

Bart Schaefer wrote:
> } > +		*widthp = strlen(buf);
> } 
> } If printeightbit is set, then nicechar() may pass 8-bit characters,
> } which may be metafied, straight through, so ztrlen() is probably better.
> } printeightbit doesn't guaranteed to get character lengths right, but
> } counting metafied characters as 1 is more consistent.
> That may be more consistent, but a bit later on the same function computes
> (*swidep = buf + *widthp) so I think what's wanted here is the actual
> width rather than the visible width.

That's true for swidep, it needs to point (in this case) to the NULL at
then end (as there's not wide character following).  However, *widthp
does need to be ztrlen().  So I think it they need to be separate.
(Before that nicechar() was added there couldn't be any metafied
characters at this point.)


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