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Re: problems with 4.3.4 and Tru64

Timo Aaltonen <tjaalton@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Apparently multibyte is _not_ on, and running 'setopt multibyte'
> doesn't do anything. Configure does say that multibyte support is
> enabled.

That's a bit bizarre since it should be on by default.  I don't
understand this, unless it's somehow related to the following.

However, I think I've got somewhere with reproducing your original
problem by using your locales:


This also fails to handle multibyte characters properly.
(However, in my case the multibyte option is still set.)
If I remove the LANG=C from that set, it starts working.  This
is obviously a bug.  Are you able to try it with LANG completely
unset (but setting the mulitbyte option by hand if necessary)?

> thanks for helping out,

Multibyte characters are the one area I really want to get working for the
next stable release.

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