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Re: zsh randomly freezing

On Monday 02 July 2007 12:34:24 you wrote:
> Ismail =?utf-8?q?D=C3=B6nmez?= wrote:
> > Recently I got zsh randomly freezing. Like when working in vi it would
> > freeze and whatever I write doesn't show up in console but if I open
> > another console and open the same file with vi I can see the new text
> > appended to the file.
> Unfortunately this is likely to be due to some race condition that's
> unlikely to be fixable unless we can reproduce it.  Are you saying it
> freezes when you start vi, or when you exit, or while you're in vi (when
> the shell's not doing anything, of course)?  Is this some well-known
> Linux distribution?  If so, it might be worth posting the contents of
> config.status to see if something is obviously different.

This happens when I am inside vi or when just using the shell, but it happens 
randomly. Symptoms are the same, shell freezes can't input anything. But if 
you input anything it seems the process running can see the input as in the 
vi case. This is with Pardus Linux 2007.2 + glibc 2.6 which I don't think 
that well-known yet.

If I can do anything to help debugging it further, please let me know.


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