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Re: zsh randomly freezing

On Monday 02 July 2007 12:46:42 you wrote:
> Ismail =?utf-8?q?D=C3=B6nmez?= wrote:
> > This happens when I am inside vi or when just using the shell, but it
> > happens randomly. Symptoms are the same, shell freezes can't input
> > anything. But if you input anything it seems the process running can see
> > the input as in the vi case. This is with Pardus Linux 2007.2 + glibc 2.6
> > which I don't think that well-known yet.
> Are you saying that, while you are editing inside vi, the editor freezes
> so you can't edit (within vi) any more?  


> This doesn't look like a shell 
> problem; if the same thing happens when you are at the shell prompt as
> well as in vi it suggests some strange terminal behaviour. 

Same happens when at the sole shell prompt trying to command complete or 
similar. This both happens with yakuake & konsole. This didn't used to happen 
so I think it might be some bad interaction with glibc 2.6.


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