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Re: Echoing of 8-bit-characters broken after 4.3.2?

On 28 ÑÐÐÑÐÐÑ 2009 20:53:11 Bart Schaefer wrote:
> On Feb 28,  9:35am, Wolfgang Hukriede wrote:
> }
> } After upgrading from 4.3.2 to 4.3.9 I've currently two zshells open
> of } the respective versions, each in its own xterm-window. Now,
> while in } 4.3.2, when I type any 8-bit-character (from the
> latin1-set), it is nicely } echoed back. But this no longer works in
> 4.3.9.
> This doesn't happen to be on Mac OSX, does it?  (You should always
> include operating system information when reporting a problem.)

Hmm ... quoting original mail:

>This is on freebsd 6.4.
>Unicode ist not used, and I currently do not intend to use it.

Wolfgang, what happens if you explicitly disable multibyte support (--
disable-multibyte) during build?

Otherwise I also tend to think this is locale setting issue.

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