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>>>>> Peter Stephenson <p.w.stephenson@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> It's probably where the references to GLOBDOTS are in
> Src/Zle/computil.c.  See if .'s stop being ignored when GLOBDOTS is
> turned on;

Yep, 'setopt globdots' stops the '.'-files from being ignored, so that
gives me somewhere to start.

> if so, ^x? will produce trace output that should show you if
> the effect of the glob is being produced within the shell function
> suite, or is hidden somewhere, which would probably be compfiles.

> _path_files makes undocumented and somewhat cryptic calls to compfiles,

Yeah, I've traced into there once or twice, gotten really lost, and
eventually given up.  So I'll probably put this aside for now until I
am feeling more adventurous.. the dearth of useful comments makes it
rather impenetrable without large blocks of time to spend on this.

Like I just spent a while trying to understand the two uses of
GLOBDOTS in computil.c, attempting to reconcile why those two uses
appear in similar looking but logically very different expressions,
and wondering if one of those expressions is wrong.

From your past comments Peter, I've inferred that this code is all due
to a group of contributors who are no longer active, is that right?


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