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Re: Access to CVS

On Thu, 13 Dec 2012 13:58:52 +0100
Oliver Kiddle <okiddle@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Bart wrote:
> > I would greatly appreciate it if someone would generate a summary
> > of the conclusions of this discussion with all the various
> > "recommended" steps that one would perform, so that it could be
> > added as a sort of how-to in Etc/zsh-development-guide.
> Ok, how does this look?

Probably OK, although I don't understand all the words.

It might be useful to give a sample list of explicit git commands to use
at each stage, in particular what you'd do for an initial commit, for
updating the commit with the mailing list ID, for any kind of trickery
to reduce the number of commits that get pushed, and for pushing it back
(as this is for those new to git you can assume the relationship between
the local archive and the remote master is simple and let the git gurus
do the clever stuff).


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