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dir/*<tab> expansion doesn't work with directories with apostrophe in the name


this is a forward of https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/687461 -- not a
segfault, but easy to reproduce:

When the directory contains a single quote (apostrophe) in its name,
pressing the tab key to expand dir/* into a list of files no longer
works. What happens instead is that the tab key doesn't do anything
while cursor is inside the dir/* word.

This worked as expected in previous versions of zsh. In zsh 4.3.10
(specifically 4.3.10-14ubuntu1, Ubuntu maverick) it works for
directories without apostrophes in the name. I discovered it while
trying to choose mp3s to queue in a music player, with the mp3s
residing in a directory with apostrophe in the name.

Here is a recipe to repeat the bug:

$ zsh -f
mulj% mkdir "a'b"
mulj% touch "a'b"/{1,2,3}
mulj% ls a\'b/* # press TAB with cursor immediately after the *, nothing happens
# pressing enter correctly executes the (expanded) command:
a'b/1 a'b/2 a'b/3
mulj% mv a\'b ab
mulj% ls ab/* # now pressing TAB with cursor immediately after the * correctly
              # expands ab/* to ab/1 ab/2 ab/3
mulj% ls ab/1 ab/2 ab/3

I can reproduce this in zsh 5.0.5 as currently in Debian

		Kind regards, Axel
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