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Re: dir/*<tab> expansion doesn't work with directories with apostrophe in the name

On Jan 18,  1:53am, Axel Beckert wrote:
} When the directory contains a single quote (apostrophe) in its name,
} pressing the tab key to expand dir/* into a list of files no longer
} works. What happens instead is that the tab key doesn't do anything
} while cursor is inside the dir/* word.

This is the behavior for me as far back as zsh-4.2.0 when starting from
zsh -f.  It's probably related to changing expand-word to use the same
internal routines as completion, which happened somewhere during 4.1.x

Some discussion of this can be found in the threads leading up to
users/18243 and subsequently workers/32186 ...

The _expand completer and _expand_word widget via compinit appear to
handle these quote marks correctly, as of 5.0.5.  It's only the default
internal expand-word / expand-or-complete that still get stuck.

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