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Re: zle: vi mode: wrong undo handling on fresh lines

"Jun T." wrote:
> The second is that the zsh/complist module doesn't work properly. 
> When the listscroll keymap is in use, complete-word widget is

What have you got tab bound to in the listscroll and menuselect keymaps?
It is probably best to leave them bound to complete-word there. I've not
managed to reproduce the problem exactly as you describe so it is
probably fairly dependant on your exact configuration.

It really ought to be possible to redefine complete-word. The following
works with old-style completion but not with the new. Anyone have an
idea why?

complete-word() {
  zle .complete-word
zle -N complete-word

Other ideas such as calling zle split-undo in a complete function don't
work because you apparently can't call zle widgets from completion

> As for the KEEPSUFFIX flag, the undo works fine with this flag set to
> split-undo widget. But I feel keeping the optional suffix like ':' or
> ',' when going back to the command mode may be sometimes annoying
> (yes it can be deleted just by hitting 'x' but I'm so lazy...).

I'll leave KEEPSUFFIX on vi-cmd-mode alone then. That's already
configurable so I'm not especially bothered.


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