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Re: zsh.org should redirect to www.zsh.org

On 2014-03-15 at 10:34 -0700, Bart Schaefer wrote:
> On Mar 15,  1:05pm, Zefram wrote:
> }
> } I'd be happy to hand over domain admin status to Geoff, or to some other
> } representative of the Zsh Development Group.  It would be more sensible
> } for the admin to be someone more directly involved in the operations
> } taking place under the domain.  Also more sensible for it to be someone
> } who works with DNS routinely (which I don't any more) and so maintains
> } good relations with a registrar.
> I have several domains registered through DreamHost and would be willing
> to pick this up if necessary.  Registrars aren't the same kind of entity
> that they used to be, everything is automated and it's mostly a matter
> of choosing one that offers a good combination of pricing and customer
> service.

If we switch away from Andrew managing this, we probably lose
ns.fysh.org as a DNS host too.

I can help out, primary or secondary.  nlns.globnix.net is in NL,
I can sort out secondaring with friends on US west coast and in the UK.

If Andrew wants to try again: I've had good luck with joker.com, based
in CH, taking multiple currencies and handling DNSSEC records and IPv6
glue records fine, with decent customer service back before those
statements were true (they added the items in manually and then fixed
their systems to support them properly).

As an alternative approach: for very simple DNS needs, exim.org is
currently using LuaDNS; there are some issues there from a DNS purity
standpoint, but it works well enough to have a DNS git repo on GitHub
which multiple people can commit to, and commits to master automatically
trigger LuaDNS to update the zone.  Reducing the bus-factor is nice.


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