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Re: implicit previous command, only state what should change

On Wed, 16 Jul 2014 02:36:03 +0200
Emanuel Berg <embe8573@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Peter Stephenson <p.stephenson@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> >> Let's say I write: $ grep user-home-directory *.el
> >> After that, I realize that it should have been
> >> user-emacs-directory'.  Is there a way to tell zsh
> >> to "execute the previous command again, only
> >> substitute the first argument for
> >> user-emacs-directory"?
> >
> > The read-from-minibufer change is a bug fix: NUMERIC
> > was being propagated down to the first command read
> > within the recursive edit.  I suspect that might be
> > regarded as a bug in recursive-edit.
> ???

The bit you quote is a reference to the details of the patch, which you
can ignore unless you're particularly interested in the implementation.

What I should have said but didn't was, here's a new function called
replace-argument that does that.  That was in the body of the patch, but
unless you're programmed to look at zsh code patches when a new message
arrives you wouldn't notice.

I'll commit it when I have a couple of minutes spare.


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