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Re: vcs_info: quoting (backticks) in git_patches_applied

On 08.10.2014 23:09, Frank Terbeck wrote:

>> I've noticed that there is a problem when using `%m` in vcs_info,
>> where the default `get-applied-string` hook returns something with

> I'm a bit confused. There is no default gen-applied-string hook.

You are right - there is no default hook, but the default handling in case of no hook.

>>> 6410ed117e51a4288d06132d18e2ffdf33f51313 Add snippets `'`, `"` and `doc`
> And there is no such commit in zsh's git repository.

The commit is not in zsh's history, but in another private/local repo/branch.

>> While the backticks can be replaced in the prompt itself, it might be
>> better to quote it in `VCS_INFO_git_handle_patches`:
> [...]
>>     -            git_applied_s=${git_patches_applied[1]}
>>     +            git_applied_s=${(qqq)git_patches_applied[1]}
> [...]
>> There is probably a better place to apply the quoting, e.g. when reading
>> the patches from the file, or a more central place in vcs_info, because
>> this is likely to affect other backends, too.
> I don't think we should post-process these values. The hooks should
> return properly quoted data

I've added an own gen-applied-string hook, which quotes the value, but the default behavior is to get the data via:

    elif [[ -d "${gitdir}/rebase-merge" ]]; then
        local p
        for p in ${(f)"$(< "${patchdir}/done")"}; do
            # remove action
            git_patches_applied+=("${${(s: :)p}[2,-1]}")

The quoting needs to get applied to all places where the Git sources are being read in Functions/VCS_Info/Backends/VCS_INFO_get_data_git then probably, and also in the code for other VCS (e.g. hg).

> (I suppose your problem is that your hook
> does returns a - maybe even single - backtick and you use the
> prompt_subst option which would cause problems) as the rest of the
> configuration requires.

That's correct.


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