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Re: vcs_info: quoting (backticks) in git_patches_applied

Daniel Hahler wrote:
> On 08.10.2014 23:09, Frank Terbeck wrote:
> The quoting needs to get applied to all places where the Git sources
> are being read in Functions/VCS_Info/Backends/VCS_INFO_get_data_git
> then probably, and also in the code for other VCS (e.g. hg).
>> (I suppose your problem is that your hook
>> does returns a - maybe even single - backtick and you use the
>> prompt_subst option which would cause problems) as the rest of the
>> configuration requires.
> That's correct.

I guess we could introduce a function that does some form of
post-processing , if a style is set. Valid settings could be "quote" or
"strip" and "function", the latter would dispatch to a named function,
for example for the user to get full control. That function could be
used everywhere where a string from an external program is used.

That way, prompt_subst users (if you don't use prompt_subst, which is
the default, none of this is an issue) can get post-processing if they
like. Actually, we could make the default depend on the state of the
option when vcs_info initialises.

Unfortunately, I can't look into it right now due to lack of spare time.

Regards, Frank

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