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Re: vcs_info: Use ‘command’ prefix to call version control programs

At 14:03 +0200 22 Oct 2014, Frank Terbeck <ft@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
That style could also be used to switch to a different binary, depending on the current working copy. That's kind of what that style was introduced for.

But somebody using a wrapper for that would likely want it to be used for things other than vcs_info, and the style wouldn't help there.

About resolving this issue, I'm fine either way. I think Daniel has a
point about setting the ‘command’ style, if you're using a wrapper
function that's incompatible with the usual behaviour of a backend's
external program.

Setting the command style would also work if the problematic wrapper is implemented as a stand-alone executable rather than as a shell function; using the `command` prefix only helps with incompatible functions.

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