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first adventures


These are my very first pokings at the code. So far, my feelings are about the same as
expressed by this comment in 'hist.c':

    * However, I'm so confused it could simply be baking Bakewell tarts.

I'm trying to figure out where/how command lines are grabbed (I think this is done by zle?). I'd like to be able to grab commands before any processing whatsoever is done. If I type:

$ some-command $1 *.* !{1, 1 & @ >>! $2 "no parsing please!" .. () '<<' `# ^ -n(*&<)` {} [enter]

... I'm hoping there will be some_string somewhere such that:


... will print exactly:

some-command $1 *.* !{1, 1 & @ >>! $2 "no parsing please!" .. () '<<' `# ^ -n(*&<)` {}

Surely there is an input buffer somewhere? That saves the
command line before it gets parsed?

One other thing: 'make' produces so many dull msg. about moving
into and out of directories and such.  Can these be turned off? I'd
like to see just warnings and errors and 'important' msg.


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