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Re: first adventures

On Oct 26, 10:20am, Ray Andrews wrote:
} I'm trying to figure out where/how command lines are grabbed (I think 
} this is done by zle?).

Well, it's done by ZLE when ZLE is active, which it isn't always.

However, I think what you're looking for is Src/Zle/zle_main.c in the
function zle_main_entry() under "case ZLE_CMD_READ" where the call to
zleread() is made.  Or perhaps where that's called, which is usually
from Src/input.c:inputline() via zleentry(ZLE_CMD_READ, ...).

} ... I'm hoping there will be some_string somewhere such that:
}     puts(some_string)
} ... will print exactly:
}     some-command $1 *.* !{1, 1 & @ >>! $2 "no parsing please!" .. () 
} '<<' `# ^ -n(*&<)` {}

No, that there isn't, though if you look around line 296 of input.c where
the VERBOSE option is handled, you'll get close.  The input line is read
into what's called "metafied" form by zleread() and has to be unmetafied
[by the aptly named function unmetafy(), Src/utils.c] to return it to
the raw input form.

} One other thing: 'make' produces so many dull msg. about moving
} into and out of directories and such.  Can these be turned off? I'd
} like to see just warnings and errors and 'important' msg.

Run it as "make -k" and it will shut up about that.  This is a GNU make
thing, not a zsh build configuration thing.

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