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Re: MacOS X patches

In case anyone from Apple is reading this thread ...

} } > http://www.opensource.apple.com/source/zsh/zsh-61/patches/

The svn-zsh-complete.patch is both obsolete and consequently wrong.
It's based on files from 2007-2008 but there was an equivalent and
now conflicting patch in 2011.

} } The only "interesting" patch I can see is the utmpx one 
} Yeah, I'm a bit curious about that one.

This sure looks to me to be redundant with the existing lines

     95 # ifndef ut_name
     96 #  define ut_name ut_user
     97 # endif

which are inside the same #if as the addition in utmpx_ut_user.patch.
I can only guess that there was an older version of that patch and
they simply updated it without checking whether it was still needed.

} } I'm not exactly sure what the arg_zero patch does though.
} Apparently it's somehow possible to invoke the program with argc == 0.
} The call to zerr() eventually goes through zwarning() which passes
} argzero to nicezputs(), so it has to have a value for that to work.

I guess we could pick this one up, though it seems bizarre.

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