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Re: Effectiveness of --disable-dynamic-nss?

On Nov 6,  3:11pm, Mikael Magnusson wrote:
} Someone was mentioning on the #zsh channel that $USERNAME was empty
} when they compiled statically and I vaguely remembered glibc doesn't
} support name lookup statically

I build a fully-static zsh all the time and have never had a problem
with USERNAME not being set.  Is this platform-specific, or is the
"when they compiled statically" specific to dynamic-nss ?

} Is there a reason they were left alone or does the switch not work?
} If they're all meant to be disabled, why not just have it #undef the
} HAVE_* defines instead of defining new things and changing every user,
} and hope nobody ever introduces new HAVE_* #ifdefs?

I think the idea here is that multiple lookup methods may be compiled
in, and you can choose to use different subsets of them, so it may be
the case that HAVE_* is true while desiring to prefer some other way
if available vs. never use some other method even if it is available.

I can imagine this logic got confused somewhere along the way, or that
certain cases were missed.  I think Clint Adams still reads this list
and it looks like --disable-dynamic-nss was his patch, so maybe he can
speak to it more directly.

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