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Re: Zsh bugfixes released by RedHat

On Nov 6,  9:13am, Ray Andrews wrote:
} Do people ever tinker with zsh on any level above the personal and not
} coordinate it with you guys?  Wouldn't that end up creating quite a mess?

Some of the OS packagers will roll patches for things that break their
specific system tests into their pre-compiled packages without telling
us directly, yes.  Usually though it's some patch we've already done
that they're just backporting to an older version that they consider

} Shouldn't they at least offer a patch to you so that it might become
} official everywhere?  It seems both rude and irresponsible.

Technically they are supposed to offer the patch to us, although zsh's
license is not as clingy that way as the GNU license for example.  In
RedHat's case the patches are probably in the .src.rpm bundle and we
could download and extract them if we wanted, I'm just trying to avoid
going through that if someone else already knows what's going on.

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