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Re: Test failures on MacOS with latest pull from git

Bart wrote:
> } -stty 38400 columns 80 rows 24
> } +stty 38400 columns 80 rows 24 werase undef
> Oliver, I'm going to let you (ask you to?) make the call on this one
> because you're the one currently creating new vi-mode tests.

In that case, can anyone give me a tip on how to get a working zpty on
FreeBSD (fresh install of 10.0) so that I can reproduce this? I just get:
zpty: can't open pseudo terminal: bad file descriptor

I should have checked this first but 33587 (Ctrl-K) appears to break the
tests on Linux for me while 33599 (stty) doesn't. So I guess my call is
just 33599. It's probably closer to whatever a real fix would need to do
too. I wonder whether we should be setting more of them.

> I'd actually consider applying both 33587 and 33599 unless the intent
> is to test the default binding of backward-kill-word rather than just
> the correct action of backward-kill-word.

The intent was to test other things and those (or vi-backward-kill-word
to be more precise) get tested as a side-effect.


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