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Re: PATCH: key bindings, fixes, docs, tests for vi stuff

"Jun T." wrote:
> *** 1,2 ****
> ! BUFFER: word
> ! CURSOR: 0
> --- 1,2 ----
> ! BUFFER:     ----word    ----    word    word---- w30|daw22|daw14|daw2|daw  ----
> ! CURSOR: 65
> Test ./X02zlevi.ztst failed: output differs from expected as shown above for:
>  zletest $'    ----word    ----    word    word----    ----\e42|daw30|daw22|daw14|daw2|daw'
> Was testing: delete all word on blanks

Thanks for letting me know. Sorry about this.

> Apparently 'daw' is not working.
> One or more diff hunk(s) are missing in the patch?

I must have made a mistake when resolving conflicts in a git rebase
and the tests found their way into the patch I posted. And because the
implementation of aw was in a loadable module, the tests actually passed
when I checked them: it must have picked up the module from a previous

I'd prefer to leave the test in for now because I should have the
associated code in good enough shape to post before long so please be
patient for now.


Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author