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Re: Confirming X02zlevi test failures

On Nov 21, 12:42am, Jun T. wrote:
} Next I replaced TCSADRAIN by TCSANOW in settyinfo() (utils.c, line 1554),
} and now 'swap case on a blank line' in X02zlevi.ztst seems to succeed.
} But I don't know what kind of unwanted side effects it may cause.

It'll cause typeahead to be misinterpreted when using a "real" terminal
device, I fear.  It took a lot of work back in the day to get that tty
draining stuff right.
} Moreover, if 'werase undef' is removed from comptest, line 37, then
} X02zlevi.ztst fails again at
} 'line based put before followed by character based yank-pop'.

I begin to suspect that what needs to happen is that zpty needs to be a
lot more aggressive internally about consuming (and buffering up) the
slave output as fast as it appears, even if a zpty read call has not
yet been made from the shell.  Clearly the slave can "see" it's own
output if the master doesn't manage to grab it first.

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