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Re: Interrupts in completion, traps in _main_complete

On Dec 8,  8:27pm, Peter Stephenson wrote:
} I'm probably missing a lot, but it struck me that if you're aborting out
} of completion completely, as it were, then the stuff that doesn't get
} executed doesn't typically matter all that much.  The stuff you really
} want to get right on exit --- options, IFS, etc. --- is already local.

and ZLS_COLORS.  Of which I guess only ZLS_COLORS gets reset right now,
but on an interrupt even it won't get restored.

Incidentally, MENUMODE appears to be entirely undocumented.

} Beyond that I couldn't offhand say which the most important things to
} restore were.  If you aborted completion, did you want to set _lastcomp
} or do you actually want to steer clear of setting it?

There is that question ... also, did you want compstate[old_list] or not?
What about other values of compstate?

Whether you want the post-funcs to run probably depends on what the
pre-funcs were, so that's a bit ugly.

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