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Re: PATCH: hist: remove wrong NULL terminator

On 01/09/2015 04:39 PM, Bart Schaefer wrote:
Except it *is* a veiled comment, because you ask how "the culture"
could allow this to "pass unnoticed"

No sir, it is a question. And I think the answer has been given, and it is that
there has tended to be a shortage of testers.
as if simply by having a
different attitude we could have emulated thousands of lines of code
in our heads to find all possible errors

... and that's another part of it, that things are so complicated.
(even those that have no side

... and that it's not serious anyway.  (In DOS, something like that would be
a crasher.)
effects, like this one) during the years that sophisticated automatic
analysis tools were simply not available except possibly to
well-funded corporate teams.
... and that too: zsh is not a big project nor funded in any way. Quite
astonishing what has been achieved, given all that, I'd say.

And as to 'simply having a different attitude' ... I wish it was simple,
look at the trouble I'm having ;-)

I'm bugging people, better drop out of sight.

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