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Re: bracketed paste mode in xterm and urxvt

On Jun 16, 12:11am, Oliver Kiddle wrote:
} So this next attempt uses ZLE_BRACKETED_PASTE_ON/OFF though I'm open to
} better ideas.

I might have chosen a single two-valued array and require it to either
be empty or to have two values (whether "exactly" or "at least" is less
important) so that it's harder e.g. to accidentally begin bracketed paste
mode and never exit from it.

} I've not made them special, just initialised them with a call to
} setsparam as that seemed simple enough for the purpose. Is that
} reasonable or should they be special?

Mostly, variables only need to be special when they have a custom GSU
structure, e.g., ZLE_RROMPT_INDENT keeps the internal rprompt_indent
value updated because it's accessed frequently (so calling getsparam()
is too inefficient), so it is special.

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