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Re: bracketed paste - chopping trailing newlines

Daniel Shahaf wrote:
> The behaviour is: (a) pastes are never executed until <Enter> is pressed;
> (b) zle_highlight is set; (c) newlines are removed only at <accept-line>.

I really don't see the point of doing (c). Perhaps the reason for
removing newlines in the current 5.1 behaviour has got lost in all this.
From pre-5.1, users are accustomed to pasted newlines being executed.
With a trailing newline, it is now hard to discern that the line hasn't
been executed: the cursor advances to the next line whether the newline
is accepted or inserted so without the stripping the user is left
waiting until they lose patience. I think that the default behaviour
should cater to normal users who don't follow this list.

I agree that the newline stripping isn't ideal but it seemed the best
option for the short term. And it is possible to work around it with a
custom widget.


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