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Re: Bug Report: Interactive Mode Glitches

Nir Friedman wrote on Sat, Oct 24, 2015 at 16:45:23 -0400:
> Hi Daniel,
> My apologies, I only realized upon rereading this that I completely omitted
> a description of what happened! What happens is that it crashes the zsh
> process. So if you are running zsh by simply calling it from bash, it
> reverts to the bash process. If (more typically) you are running the zsh
> process directly in your terminal emulator, it crashes that window of the
> terminal emulator.

What probably happens is not that the terminal emulator crashes, but
that it closes because the shell exited (abnormally).  Try instructing
the terminal emulator to remain open after the process in the pty exits
(such as with tmux's remain-on-exit option), or using a tabbed terminal
emulator, to see this.

> I'm not sure if zsh is killed by signal or some other mechanism.

Try running zsh from another zsh instance.  If the nested zsh crashes,
the outer zsh will tell you that:

    % zsh
    tarsus% kill -11 $$ 
    [1]    17214 segmentation fault  zsh
    % echo $?

I'm not sure what to say about the rest of your email, so I'll leave it
to others on list.  Incidentally, what OS / distro are you on?



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