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Re: ZPlugin

On 25 January 2016 at 11:36, Paul Johnson <paul@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Just an observation from the peanut gallery: as I understand it you have
> created a more elegant solution to the core of a plugin system.  Would
> it, therefore, make any sense, rather than building your own plugin
> system from scratch, to fit your solution into an existing plugin
> system, such as Zplug?

I'm using existing "plugin system". Tested 20 plugins and all loaded
correctly. I think there is a problem with perceiving the existing
tools as an sophisticated advanced technology. In reality, it's
fpath+= to the plugin's dir and not much more. This is innovative, but
for sure it isn't a tragedy to just ignore what already exists. Zplug
has some additional functionality that I want to recognize today,
maybe that's a different case.

> Are there sound technical reasons not to do so, or are you enjoying
> building your own and want to continue with it?

Well ZPlugin is designed from scratch to reveal as much as possible
from plugins internals at time of loading it. It's hard to add this to
existing projects.

Best regards,
Sebastian Gniazdowski

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