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Re: zsh make(1) completion on FreeBSD

Oliver Kiddle wrote on Thu, Oct 13, 2016 at 12:08:32 +0200:
> As for fixing inconsistencies, it depends:
> The trouble with patches that only fix indentation is that they can make
> it harder to follow git history. git diff and blame do have a -w option
> but still.
> In the case of completions, I correct the indentation when making
> changes that affect many lines. For example, _zfs has capitalised
> descriptions so it would be reasonable to reindent it if also
> correcting the descriptions to follow the convention of all lowercase:
> descriptions appear on most lines.

Agreed that a patch that touches a line can fix indentation on that
line; doing so doesn't make 'blame' any harder to read.

However, some other kinds of style changes should be done in separate
commits.  For example, the _tmux part of 39067 deleted the «function»
keyword and the $args arrays, whilst also making other changes;
consequently it was very hard to review.¹  I think those two file-wide
changes are examples of style changes that shouldn't be done in the same
commit as functional changes.

(Incidentally, I prefer having $args arrays to multiline _arguments
calls because the former (a) is immune to "Forgot to append a backslash"
bugs, (b) allows writing comments between option specifications.)



¹ That reminds me of the infamous "goto fail" bug.

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