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PM_ flags (Re: mikachu/badarrays ...)

On 30 May, Bart wrote:

> It also appears we've run out of bits for PM_CACHELEN and PM_CHECKEN,
> the 19 and 20 bit positions are are now occupied by PM_DONTIMPORT_SUID
> and PM_SINGLE, though I suppose PM_KSHSTORED and PM_ZSHSTORED could do
> double duty as they won't apply to arrays and functions at once.

Should we perhaps change the flags field in struct param to be a 64-bit
value to make room for more flags? Can we portably use something like
uint64_t or is it not that simple?

In addition to more overloading of function/parameter related flags
there are also some mutually exclusive combinations. For example, only
one of the PM_TYPE flags can be set so 3 bits could be used in place
of 5 but it'd need the PM_TYPE mask adding in lots of places and only
gain us 2 bits. There's also the 32nd bit available but to reliably and
portably use that do we need to change flags to be an unsigned int?


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