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Re: Logo

Justin Dorfman wrote:
> @Bart,
> > As a general remark on this process ... it's great to see people's
> > feedback, but frankly I would nominate PWS and Oliver to have veto power on

If we're granting such powers, it would be remiss not to also nominate Bart.

> @Oliver
> > In principle, I like the way you're going with 6-10 of not duplicating
> > the Z but can also see Phil's point - it needs to read as "zsh".
> What if I redo that, with "Zsh" next to all?

I think you've perhaps misunderstood me. By 'it needs to READ as "zsh"',
what I mean is that someone glancing at the logo as a whole needs to see
"zsh" - not "Zzsh" or "sh". I wasn't dismissing the approach in 6-10. If
anything, I prefer it. I think other people mentioned ideas for bringing
it more together like extending the leg of the Z under the sh. Or maybe
a cursor following the % under the sh. In 6 and 7, it helps that the
font for "SH" is more similar but slightly more slant may be better.
While I like 7, the background has forced more distance to the "SH".

With "Zsh" next to the logo as in 1,3-5, it becomes more about
separation. I'd be interested to see what 3 looks like in 4 colours.


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