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Re: [PATCH] Enable sub-second timeout in zsystem flock

On 18 Apr 2020, at 11:32, Cedric Ware <cedric.ware__bml@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I'm all for it, of course. ;-)  You decide whether you want the zlong
> one or the struct timespec one.

I'm not sure i'm qualified to have a strong opinion on the 32/64 thing, but it
sounds like both options have their merits, and nobody else has indicated a
preference, so i've merged the most recent patch. We can change it later if we

I did make two small modifications:

* The documentation said that the time-out/interval values had to be *less
  than* 2^30-1 / 0.999*LONG_MAX, but as far as i can see from the code it's
  actually *less than or equal to*, so i changed the wording slightly. Please
  correct me if there's any mistake here

* I reverted the superscript formatting change that Daniel suggested. It looks
  like @sup was added to texinfo only in 2014, and Apple's makeinfo in
  particular does not support it. I was able to get Homebrew's texinfo package
  to work, but it's keg-only (not linked into PATH due to conflicts with other
  software), and i'm nervous about unilaterally breaking the Doc build with
  the standard tooling on macOS and possibly other platforms just to format
  one number. Not suggesting we limit ourselves to Apple's GPL2 tooling until
  the end of time, but i suppose we should at least discuss it first


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