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Re: Git-add completion should show full file paths

Bart Schaefer wrote on Mon, 27 Apr 2020 21:35 -0700:
> On Mon, Apr 27, 2020 at 12:24 PM dana <dana@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> >
> > I guess what Daniel is suggesting is basically an on/off switch for
> > _multi_parts's intended function, and you can turn it off for git if you want.  
> That seems a bit off the mark to me?  Wouldn't the right approach here
> be to call something OTHER THAN _multi_parts if you don't want the
> strings treated as having multiple parts?

That'd force everyone to use the "list of all files" semantics.
However, I assumed that _multi_parts was used there for a reason (and
dana's input confirms _multi_parts semantics are desired in some
use-cases at least).  Therefore, I looked for a way to make the
behaviour configurable.

> More specifically, _git_files already has the whole list in the $files
> array, so instead of running
>   _wanted $tag expl $description _multi_parts -f $compadd_opts - / files
> it could instead just do
>   _wanted $tag expl $description compadd -f $compadd_opts $files
> (probably with some cleanup of subtleties I've ignored).

(e.g., s/$files/-a files/ in case filenames start with a minus)

> > I wonder if it could be more intelligent though — maybe this style could take
> > an integer that acts as a threshold for whether it should work the normal way
> > or the 'dumb' way? Like if there are more than x files with the same prefix or
> > whatever. Not sure how you'd calculate it, but something like that.  
> That could be put into a wrapper function around the two possible
> _wanted calls above, if it were desirable to have it somewhere other
> than in _git_files.  Things do get a bit tricky if you're not passing
> the -f option to compadd; you need something, other than the file
> system, to which to compare the original strings.

Seems like this would also allow people to use «zstyle -e» to choose
between the two behaviours dynamically, which could be used to
implement the "if there are more than x files" semantics dana described.



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