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Call for moderators

Good morning all,

Could we have some volunteers please to moderate -workers@ and

Moderation is keyed not on whether a message's sender is subscribed
to the list, but on the spam score of the message.  Emails with high
spam scores are rejected at SMTP time; those with low spam scores are
passed directly to the list; and those with scores in between are
passed to the moderators.  (Kudos to Oliver for implementing this.)

When a message requires moderation, you'll get an email with that
message attached to it, and with these instructions:

> To distribute the attached message in list zsh-infra:
> <mailto:sympa@xxxxxxx?subject=DISTRIBUTE%20zsh-infra%20f650a8302ea98094051b724e4fe36909>
> Or [reply to this email] with the following subject:
> DISTRIBUTE zsh-infra f650a8302ea98094051b724e4fe36909
(slightly rephrased by me)

The moderators then click on the link to approve the message.  It's
also possible to approve a message by replying and changing the subject
as indicated, or via the Web interface.

That's basically it.  Ideally we'll have several moderators in
separated timezones.

Currently the moderators are the sudoers, but we're trying to divide
our workload.



Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author