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Re: Call for moderators

Daniel Shahaf wrote on Sun, 09 Aug 2020 06:36 +0000:
> Moderation is keyed not on whether a message's sender is subscribed
> to the list, but on the spam score of the message.  Emails with high
> spam scores are rejected at SMTP time; those with low spam scores are
> passed directly to the list; and those with scores in between are
> passed to the moderators.  (Kudos to Oliver for implementing this.)

Sorry, that's not quite right.

Currently, moderation is keyed on whether one is a subscriber or not.

Oliver is working on implementing the "moderate only emails with a
medium spam score" functionality, has rolled it out to the internal
infrastructure/testing list, and expects that it will be rolled out to
-workers@ and -users@ before long.  However, when all is said and done,
that hasn't happened yet.

Apologies on my behalf for the mistake.


> When a message requires moderation, you'll get an email with that
> message attached to it, and with these instructions:
> > To distribute the attached message in list zsh-infra:
> > <mailto:sympa@xxxxxxx?subject=DISTRIBUTE%20zsh-infra%20f650a8302ea98094051b724e4fe36909>
> > Or [reply to this email] with the following subject:
> > DISTRIBUTE zsh-infra f650a8302ea98094051b724e4fe36909  
> (slightly rephrased by me)
> The moderators then click on the link to approve the message.  It's
> also possible to approve a message by replying and changing the subject
> as indicated, or via the Web interface.
> That's basically it.  Ideally we'll have several moderators in
> separated timezones.
> Currently the moderators are the sudoers, but we're trying to divide
> our workload.
> Thanks,
> Daniel

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