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Re: Security

On 2020-12-25 at 16:06 +0000, Daniel Shahaf wrote:
> Sorry for the delay.  It sounds like you emailed _only_ Oliver, so he
> might simply be on holiday.  In any case, to avoid a single point of
> failure, please email the details to zsh-infra@xxxxxxx.  Thanks!
> Note to -workers@: Folks who have dealt with previous security issues
> (or are otherwise trusted) and aren't already on -infra@ are welcome to
> join. Just send a subscription request the usual way.  (And yes,
> a separate -security@ list might be a good idea, or at least an alias.)

zsh-security@ now exists, we're kicking the tires.  I set it to
closed-to-new-subscribers, so Daniel might clean up after me and open it
to let people ask in the usual way.  (Sorry, I missed this thread before
and only saw it after closing out the stuff I had open for setup).

The -infra list is intended to be boring.  Several of the people you
want looking at security stuff are not subscribed and probably don't
want the spam of discussions about mailing-list bounce rates,
certificate renewals, etc.


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