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Re: Terminal problem with linux-2.0.34

On Sun, Feb 14, 1999 at 05:15:33AM -0800, you [Bart Schaefer] claimed:
> On Feb 14, 11:26am, vherva@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> } Subject: Terminal problem with linux-2.0.34
> }
> } The flaw in the terminal handling appears as follows: when I type text
> } on the command line, only the first two characters are echoed. The line
> } does show up, if erase a character. Also, the command line is only
> } executed after I press return twice.
> Are you running this under X or on the console?  If X, try the console.

I'm afraid I do not have access to the console as the machine the bug
appears on is a server residing elsewhere.

> Does it affect all the virtual terminals?  Does it affect remote logins?

I can only experiment with remote logins, and this happens under xterm,
rxvt and ssh with TERM=xterm, xterm-color, vt100 or everything I've tried.

> If you run "ps t$TTY:t", do any other processes show up as attached to
> the same terminal?

vherva@turing:/home/vherva>ps exa t$TTY:t
23594  p7 S    0:00 -zsh HOME=/home/vherva USER=vherva LOGNAME=vherva PATH=/us
23706  p7 R    0:00 ps exa tttyp7 HOME=/home/vherva USER=vherva LOGNAME=vherva

> What happens if you "unsetopt zle" or run zsh as "zsh +Z"?

Everything works as expected, the problem does not appear.

> } I tried updating to 3.0.7 and 3.1.5, and the bug still appeared.
> So that means you've logged out and back in and the problem still occurs?

Yes, this has been going on for about a month now. It happens during every
login session. Also, this it not limited to any machine or terminal
program from which I have logged in the server.

> If running X11, have you completely shut down and restarted the server?

No. This is something I just can't do since it is a production server.

> BTW, where did you get this so-called 3.0.7, and what were you running
> before you upgraded to it?  There's been no release in the 3.0 series
> since 3.0.5.

Sorry, my mistake. Should have been zsh-3.0.5-7.i386.rpm from
rawhide.redhat.com, before which I also tried zsh-3.0.5-6.i386.rpm from
ftp.redhat.com. 3.1.5 was taken directly from the Danish zsh mirror and
compiled locally with gcc

Thanks for the quick response!

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