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Re: Terminal problem with linux-2.0.34

On Feb 14,  3:50pm, Ville Herva wrote:
} Subject: Re: Terminal problem with linux-2.0.34
} > } The flaw in the terminal handling appears as follows: when I type text
} > } on the command line, only the first two characters are echoed. The line
} > } does show up, if erase a character. Also, the command line is only
} > } executed after I press return twice.
} I'm afraid I do not have access to the console as the machine the bug
} appears on is a server residing elsewhere.

OK, that's useful information.

Do you log in to the compute server and run xterm there with the display
pointing back to your local X server, or do you start your xterm on the
local machine and then rlogin?

Are you always using ssh?

If you start several login sessions at a time, does it affect all of them?

} > What happens if you "unsetopt zle" or run zsh as "zsh +Z"?
} Everything works as expected, the problem does not appear.

OK, then it's most likely an stty problem of some kind.  What happens if
you first start "zsh +Z" and then do "setopt zle"?

} > If running X11, have you completely shut down and restarted the server?
} No. This is something I just can't do since it is a production server.

I meant the X server process, not the compute server machine, but if you're
only doing remote login and from several different places, the question
doesn't apply.

You are able to install a new zsh on the compute server, though?  So you
have some adminstrator privileges for it?  If not, by what method are you
starting zsh when you log in?

Incidentally, are any other users having the same problem with zsh?

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