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Re: [4.0.2 bug] commands not written to history

On 29 Jun, Bart Schaefer <schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> And you're quite sure that you never *did* need to insert commands in
> between cmd1 and cmd2, at some point in past history?

Yes. I can even tell you that the last time this problem occurs, the
command after cmd1 was xinit, i.e. the first command I type after I
log in.

> } Here are my history options:
> } 
> } incappendhistory
>   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

> Are you also sure that you've never had two shells running at the same
> time, such that their incremental appends to the history might become
> interleaved?

I probably had several opened shells. But here, I'm sure I typed both
commands one after the other. And anyway, a xinit can't have been
interleaved. It seems that cmd2 simply disappeared from the history;
cmd2 probably was the last command I typed in the shell, then I logged
out, and logged in again (thus, the xinit in the history just after

BTW, I use NFS, but all the shells were on the same machine.

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