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Re: compctl -g not working

On Oct 3, 12:12am, Sweth Chandramouli wrote:
} On Wed, Oct 03, 2001 at 04:04:49AM +0000, Bart Schaefer wrote:
} > Glob completion shouldn't have anything to do with it.
} 	??? Why not, given that that's what I'm having problems
} with?

Because `compctl -g' forces a glob to happen.  Glob completion (as in the
glob_complete option) only determines how completion proceeds when there
is a partial match.

} > So you're going to have to give us some more clues.
} 	I don't suppose you could give me any clues as to where
} I should look for more clues?  :)

Well, for one thing, you ought to try running a newer version than

But what I meant was, for example, tell us what your setopts actually
are rather than ask us what they might not be, tell us in which version
of zsh these same compctls last worked if they ever did, what happens
if you run `zsh -f' and then add the suspicious compctls one at a time,
anything else that might have changed recently (are you using both the
compctl and the new systems?) etc.

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