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Re: compctl -g not working

On Wed, Oct 03, 2001 at 06:04:41AM +0000, Bart Schaefer wrote:
> On Oct 3, 12:12am, Sweth Chandramouli wrote:
> } 
> } On Wed, Oct 03, 2001 at 04:04:49AM +0000, Bart Schaefer wrote:
> } > Glob completion shouldn't have anything to do with it.
> } 	??? Why not, given that that's what I'm having problems
> } with?
> Because `compctl -g' forces a glob to happen.  Glob completion (as in the
> glob_complete option) only determines how completion proceeds when there
> is a partial match.
	Ah.  I meant glob completion as in "compctl using
globs", rather than "completion using glob_complete", especially since
glob_complete doesn't actually use globbing (according to the man page).

> } > So you're going to have to give us some more clues.
> } 	I don't suppose you could give me any clues as to where
> } I should look for more clues?  :)
> Well, for one thing, you ought to try running a newer version than
> 3.1.9.
	That wouldn't help me figure out what was broken,
however.  I'm stubborn enough to want to waste my time trying to
figure out what changed, rather than just changing other things until
it works.  Upgrading to 4.x is on my todo list, however.

> But what I meant was, for example, tell us what your setopts actually
> are rather than ask us what they might not be,
	OK; I was trying to not waste space with the full list if
others could give me tips as to where to focus my search.  Here's the
full list:
(astaroth)~: allopt
allexport             off
alwayslastprompt      on
alwaystoend           off
appendhistory         on
autocd                off
autolist              on
automenu              on
autonamedirs          off
autoparamkeys         off
autoparamslash        on
autopushd             on
autoremoveslash       on
autoresume            off
badpattern            on
banghist              on
bareglobqual          on
bashautolist          off
beep                  off
bgnice                on
braceccl              on
bsdecho               off
cdablevars            off
chasedots             off
chaselinks            off
checkjobs             on
clobber               off
completealiases       on
completeinword        on
correct               on
correctall            off
cshjunkiehistory      on
cshjunkieloops        off
cshjunkiequotes       off
cshnullcmd            off
cshnullglob           off
dvorak                off
equals                on
errexit               off
exec                  on
extendedglob          on
extendedhistory       on
flowcontrol           off
functionargzero       off
glob                  on
globalexport          on
globalrcs             on
globassign            off
globcomplete          off
globdots              on
globsubst             on
hashcmds              on
hashdirs              on
hashlistall           off
histallowclobber      off
histbeep              off
histexpiredupsfirst   on
histfindnodups        off
histignorealldups     on
histignoredups        on
histignorespace       off
histnofunctions       off
histnostore           on
histreduceblanks      on
histsavenodups        on
histverify            off
hup                   on
ignorebraces          off
ignoreeof             off
incappendhistory      on
interactive           on
interactivecomments   on
ksharrays             off
kshautoload           off
kshglob               on
kshoptionprint        on
listambiguous         on
listbeep              on
listpacked            off
listrowsfirst         off
listtypes             on
localoptions          on
localtraps            off
login                 off
longlistjobs          on
magicequalsubst       off
mailwarning           off
markdirs              on
menucomplete          off
monitor               off
multios               on
nomatch               on
notify                on
nullglob              off
numericglobsort       off
octalzeroes           off
overstrike            off
pathdirs              off
posixbuiltins         on
printeightbit         on
printexitvalue        off
privileged            off
promptbang            on
promptcr              on
promptpercent         on
promptsubst           on
pushdignoredups       off
pushdminus            off
pushdsilent           off
pushdtohome           on
rcexpandparam         on
rcquotes              off
rcs                   on
recexact              on
restricted            off
rmstarsilent          off
rmstarwait            off
sharehistory          on
shfileexpansion       off
shglob                on
shinstdin             on
shnullcmd             off
shoptionletters       off
shortloops            on
shwordsplit           off
singlecommand         off
singlelinezle         off
sunkeyboardhack       off
unset                 on
verbose               off
xtrace                off
zle                   off

> tell us in which version
> of zsh these same compctls last worked if they ever did, 
	3.1.9; I've been using it for at least a year, and at some
point the completion worked.  I made some changes many months ago,
but hadn't used any of the commands whose compctls used -g in at least
the last six months.

> what happens
> if you run `zsh -f' and then add the suspicious compctls one at a time,
	They work fine under zsh -f; sorry for not mentioning that
in my original post.

	-- Sweth.

Sweth Chandramouli ; <svc@xxxxxxxxx>
President, Idiopathic Systems Consulting

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