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Re: problem building zsh in background

>>>>> "PT" == Philippe Troin <phil@xxxxxxxx> writes:

    PT> Jens Petersen <petersen@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:
    >> but with the second patch (msg00896.html) when there
    >> is no tty I see:
    >> : checking if kill(pid, 0) returns ESRCH
    >> correctly... yes checking if POSIX sigsuspend()
    >> works... yes checking if tcsetpgrp() actually
    >> works... notty configure: error: no controlling tty

    PT> The first patch fails to detect if configure runs
    PT> without a controlling tty, does not run the test and
    PT> assumes that tcsetpgrp() works correctly.

    PT> The second patch aborts the configure run in that
    PT> case.

Ok. :)

    PT> The first patch was a work in progress, the second
    PT> patch is supposed to be an improvement :-)

    PT> Why do you want to run configure with nohup?

Building with the second patch fails in our buildsystem. ;-)

    PT> I guess I could run the test in a separate, created
    PT> pty, but that is going to be messy to do portably in
    PT> configure.

I don't know which platform this test benefits, but
presumably with modern glibc it works ok.  Perhaps the test
could be skipped except on affected platforms?


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