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Re: problem building zsh in background

Danek Duvall <duvall@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> On Sat, Nov 29, 2003 at 09:43:50PM -0800, Philippe Troin wrote:
> > Why do you want to run configure with nohup?
> In my case, it's more likely that I'd want to run configure from a cron
> script -- nightly builds.
> > I guess I could run the test in a separate, created pty, but that is
> > going to be messy to do portably in configure.
> Maybe a configure flag that forces tcsetpgrp() to be recognized as
> working, and skip the test?  I know that it works properly on my
> platform, so I could use the flag and not worry about whether the build
> will hang or abort because of the test ...

Okay, what about the following behavior:

 - keep the second patch (will fail if ran from cron or any other
   situation where there is no ctty)

 - add a --with-working-tcsetpgrp / --without-working-tcsetpgrp switch
   to force configure to skip the test (instead of failing) and assume
   a working / non-working tcsetpgrp

Would that satisfy everyone?


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