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Re: Sort order

On Dec 14, 12:23am, Jesper Holmberg wrote:
} > } LC_CTYPE=sv_SE
} > } LC_COLLATE=sv_SE
} > 
} > If you give the command
} > 
} > 	print -l *
} > 
} > do you see the files in same order that "ls" displays them, or in the
} > same order that menu completion offers them?
} So, print -l * gives the right order, but still menu-completion offers me
} the order låre lare lere.

There appears to be a bug masquerading as an optimization in the file-sort

When either no ordering (style not set), or name ordering, is requested,
_path_files puts the names into a sorted group so that the completion
system reorders them internally, thereby bypassing the LC_COLLATE order.

If on the other hand you request any non-name ordering, or reverse name
ordering, then _path_files orders the names with globbing and puts them
into an unsorted group so that completion skips the internal reordering.

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