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Re: Vim syntax file for zsh

Still looks good. :)  A couple things:

1. When I first read your message, I  sort of expected that it would
highlight the special variables differently, even if I used the "all"
setting.  It doesn't do that, though that might be nice.
2. Strings: These snippets of code all color the same and probably
shouldn't, the embedded variable reference in double quotes should be

3. Backquotes: While `su$fu` does not highlight the string itself,
except for the variable reference.

4. Keyword Highlighting:  Some unusualness with the local keyword and it's args:
In _files, I notice at the very start some odd coloring on the word
type, since it is a keyword.  Though in this situation it is meant to
be a local variable name:
local type sdef

Also for keywords that seem to be arguments, same file the argument 
"r:" stands out when it shouldn't:
 zparseopts blah blah r: blah blah
This is more a problem with where keywords are found.  Many keywords
should only be marked as keywords when they are in a command position.
  Not sure if this is easy to do...

5. Assignments in Local: The assignment on the local line causes the
left side of the assignment to be colored, which causes "ret=0"  to
standout in a distracting way, since the other variables are not
highlighted...  In this case it seems like the other variables should
either be highlighted like lvalues or the "ret" should not be
local sus fu foo ret=0 bar


Messages sorted by: Reverse Date, Date, Thread, Author