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Re: Phil's prompt is not working when LANG is set to UTF-8

On Mon, Feb 11, 2008 at 01:07:07PM +0000, Peter Stephenson <pws@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Mon, 11 Feb 2008 10:20:21 +0100
> Wael Nasreddine <mla@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Oh I'm sorry I forgot to mention that this only happens on consoles not in X
> > emulators ( /dev/tty1 etc... ) I have also the combination of
> > rxvt-unicode/zsh/UTF-8 and it works fine but on the console it's too messy so
> > I'm deprived of consoles ATM.

> > Anyway my zsh version is 4.3.5

> I suspect the right thing to do here might be either to "unsetopt
> multibyte" or "export LC_ALL=C".  It sounds like the combination of
> the console and the C library aren't doing the stuff the shell needs
> to support multibyte characters.  If that's not the problem, please send
> more detail about your settings and environment and what works and what
> doesn't work.

> (That last sentence applies to everybody.  Zsh runs in some very different
> environments.  We could *always* do with knowing what that is, even
> if it turns out not to be relevant.  If it applies in lots of
> different environments, please say so---as many people already do.)

Thank you for your reply, but, set/unsetting multibyte opt has no
effect but as said before when LANG is set to utf8 it doesn't work,
for now I use LANG=en_US (iso-8859-1) it does work this way though I
don't want to stick with this encoding, anyway here's some more
info for you.

My current setup is Gentoo, 2.6.24, I thought it was irrelevant
because as I said before I tried it on both Linux and Unix, I tried
Arch Linux, Ubuntu, Gentoo, Frugalware, FreeBSD etc.. All with the
same result, so I know that the problem comes from somewhere in my
profile, an incompatibility or something I'm not sure.

.zshrc and all the files that it includes:
    http://wael.nasreddine.com/cgi-bin/viewvc.cgi/trunk/etc/.zsh/opts?view=co  <-- where all opts are set.
    http://wael.nasreddine.com/cgi-bin/viewvc.cgi/trunk/etc/.shells/exports?view=log <-- where I define the LANG.

Just to try and save you some time reading all those files here's the
output of:
setopt: http://nopaste.nasreddine.com/fed365b5cb.html
env: http://nopaste.nasreddine.com/4d004fdb39.html

Thank you.

Wael Nasreddine
PGP: 1024D/C8DD18A2 06F6 1622 4BC8 4CEB D724  DE12 5565 3945 C8DD 18A2

.: An infinite number of monkeys typing into GNU emacs,
   would never make a good program. (L. Torvalds 1995) :.

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