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Re: Phil's prompt is not working when LANG is set to UTF-8

Wael Nasreddine wrote:
> Thank you for your reply, but, set/unsetting multibyte opt has no
> effect but as said before when LANG is set to utf8 it doesn't work,
> for now I use LANG=en_US (iso-8859-1) it does work this way though I
> don't want to stick with this encoding, anyway here's some more
> info for you.

This is probably the key information: it suggests, unless you happen to
know otherwise, that the console simply doesn't support UTF-8 in its
current configuration.

There are two ingredients to being able to use an encoding:  the
hardware is set up to display characters using it, and the software has
been told about it.  LANG etc. deal with the latter, but have no effect
on the former.  Smart terminal emulators will try to find the encoding
when they start up.  You don't really have this option with a console.
My system (Fedora 8) has a unicode_start command; have you tried that?

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